The modules that I teach for the undergraduate and Masters degrees in Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster include:

1INR510 Conflict and Change in International Relations

This is a second year core year-long module for the BA International Relations and I am the module leader. This module explores the key issues and themes which have shaped international relations since the end of the Cold War. This initially involves an examination of the nature and content of the Cold War and assesses the key shifts in the balance of power as a consequence of the end of the Cold War. This is followed by an analysis of some of the critical issue areas where the nature of conflicts has changed and how this is best to be understood both theoretically and in terms of policymaking. The changing role of the principal international security organisations, such as the UN and NATO  is also addressed. The second semester takes the Middle East as a regional case-example of the changing nature of conflict in the post-Cold War era and will look at certain key countries/conflicts, such as Iraq, Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict, will be examined.

SPIR605 Themes in Global Politics of Energy

This is a third year optional module which examines the key political conflicts in relation to gaining access to oil and gas. I teach this with Wojciech Ostrowksi who is a post-doctoral student working on the Polinares project (see research).

SPR401 Comparative Politics

This is a first year core year-long module for the BA Politics and BA International Relations. This course introduces students to comparative politics and provides stuctured comparative analysis of 4 different countries. I provide the lectures for the politics of the Russian Federation.

1INR511 International Security Studies

This is a second year optional module which covers the principal approaches to the study of international security. I provide lectures on approaches which relate most closely to my own approach to the study of international security.

1ISP7AS International Relations 1: Theoretical Perspectives

This is the core module for the International programmes at the MA level and I contribute lectures on IR theories which relate to my own research.