Russia and Islam

This project is funded by the Economic and Social Science Research Council under the title of ‘Radicalisation’ and Violence: The Russian Dimension and is part of the larger ESRC Initiative on ‘Radicalisation’ and Violence: A Critical Reassessment. Roland was the Principal Investigator for the project with Luke March and Ekaterina Bragninskaia, both at the University of Edinburgh. The  principal objectives of the project are to analyse the Russian discourses and approaches to radicalism, nationalism and political Islam; to identify the policies adopted by the Russian state to its Muslim communities and to assess their effectiveness; and to investigate the sources and extent of radicalisation within Russia as well as the practical measures which might reverse or contain such radicalising trends.

The project started in January 2008 and was formally completed in December 2009 but publications are still being produced and a final report will be written at the end of 2010.


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