Policy towards Natural Resources (Polinares)

Polinares (Policy for Natural Resources) is a €2.7 million project funded by the European Commission and which examines the global challenges faced with respect to access to oil, gas and mineral resources over the next 20 years and proposes solutions for the various policy actors, including the EU. Polinares is led by the University of Dundee and involves 12 different institutions from around Europe  including expertise from a wide range of disciplines including political science, economics, geology, engineering, technology, law and security studies.

Roland Dannreuther is the coordinator of the first work package of the project which seeks to identify the key variables and develop a historically-informed theoretical framework for understanding conflict, competition and collaboration over access to oil, gas and minerals.

The project started on 1 January 2010 and will last 36 months.


Polinares Project website