PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising students in areas of my research interest, which include international security, the international politics of Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East, the international politics of energy and in the role of historical sociology in IR theory.

I have had a considerable experience of supervision and previous completed supervisions have included:

  • Maria Gregou, War and State Disintegration: The Shi’a in Lebanon, degree awarded in 1999
  • Georgios Karyotis, Greece and the Securitization of Migration and Terrorism, degree awarded in 2004.
  • Matteo Fumagalli, ‘The Dog that Failed to Bark’ – Uzbek Ethno-National Mobiliization, degree awarded in 2005.
  • Andrea Birdsall, Beyond Justice and Order: International Judicial Interventions, degree awarded in 2006.
  • Claire Duncanson, Hegemonic Masculinities and the British Army, degree awarded in 2007
  • Chris Ogden, Indian Foreign Policy and Security Culture, degree awarded in 2010
  • Kanykey Jailobaeva, Civil Society in Kyrgyzstan, degree awarded in 2010
  • Ekaterina Braginskaia, Muslim Councils in a Comparative Context: Russia, France and the UK, degree awarded in 2014

I am currently supervising:

  • Daniel Matteo, Legitimacy and Private Military Security Companies